Raymond Deane Conference (2 February 2013)

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, the Contemporary Music Centre and the Society for Musicology in Ireland present The Music of Raymond Deane in celebration of his 60th Birthday.

You are invited to join in the 60th birthday celebrations for the distinguished Irish composer, Raymond Deane. The afternoon features performances of a number of Deane's early compositions as well as offering a preview of Deane's new opera The Alma Fetish.


Opening Address | Roger Doyle, composer

Introduction and Overview of the Music of Raymond Deane | Dr Mark Fitzgerald, DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Performances | Staff of DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Orphic Piece IV (1970) for piano
Aliens (1971-72) for clarinet, trombone, viola, organ, harpsichord
Equivoke (1972) for flute, horn, organ, piano, cello
Four Inscriptions (1973) for harpsichord
Embers for String Quartet (1973)
String Quartet no. 1 (1981)

Panel Discussion on Raymond Deane's new opera, The Alma Fetish, to be premiered in September 2013 | Jonathan Grimes, Chair, Contemporary Music Centre; Raymond Deane, composer; Gavin Kostick, librettist.

Recording of extract from The Alma Fetish

Closing Remarks | Dr Kerry Houston, President, Society for Musicology in Ireland

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