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Mary Breslin Collection

Mary Breslin has been a piano lecturer at the TU Dublin Conservatory of Music & Drama since 1974. The collection contains scores, manuscripts, typewritten tonic sol-fa wordbooks from Oireachtas (1922, 1948) and Feis Atha Cliath (1941, 1944) and Feile Luimnigh featuring works by Éamonn Ó Gallchobair and Carl Hardebeck and publications by Connradh na Gaedhilge.

This collection is unavailable for research while it is being processed.

Una Russell Collection

Una Russell (1950-2015) was an organ and academic studies lecturer at the TU Dublin Conservatory of Music & Drama. She travelled worldwide as a solo recitalist and was organist of St Boniface Anglican Church, Antwerp; St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dundalk and St Andrew’s Church, Westland Row, Dublin. Russell commissioned Dancing by Éibhlís Farrell (1988) which she premiered in Ghent Cathedral, Belgium in July 1989.

Anne Leahy Collection

Dr Anne Leahy's personal library focused on the music of Johann Sebastian Bach was donated to the TU Dublin Conservatory of Music & Drama library by her family in 2010. The general textbooks are included in the library stock for use by students. The more scholarly works, in multiple languages, are contained in a separate reference collection in the quiet study room. Inscriptions in many of the books mark Anne’s travels in search of scholarship and are a poignant reminder of this lively and gregarious person.

Brendan & Daphne Chawke Collection

A graduate of the Dublin College of Music (now TU Dublin Conservatory of Music & Drama), Brendan Joseph Chawke (d.2010) was the Director of the Brandon Ensemble which he formed in 1982 for the performance of music of the Baroque era and they performed regularly at many venues throughout Ireland. Chawke first started playing the flute in the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Hans Kohlmann and continued his studies with André Prieur in Dublin. The Ensemble also featured Barbara Dagg (Harpsichord), Judith Curtis (Baroque Violin) and Charles Gannon (Viola da Gamba.)

Joseph Groocock Collection

Joseph Groocock (1913-1997) was an educator, composer, conductor and organist. A former teacher of the Conservatory of Music & Drama (1975-1997), he also taught at St Columba’s College, Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He was also a choral conductor of the Culwick Choral Society and the University of Dublin Choral Society. The library collection contains over 200 works of the choral society repertoire including folk part-songs of Britain and Ireland together with Christmas carols. These scores are available for use and loan.

Mabel and Ronald Swainson Collection

Mabel Swainson (1928-2012) was a pianist and teacher, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2004 for her contribution to music and particularly music education, ‘being widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of piano teaching in Ireland’. Swainson taught in the Read School of Music, the Schola Cantorium of St Finian’s College Mullingar, the Leinster School of Music and the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


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